Learn Ukrainian Online via Skype per 5$/hr, first lesson – free!

dance girlsUkrainian and Russian language tutor online! (Per 5$/hr  first lesson – free!)

Learn Ukrainian, Russian Online via Skype!

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Would You like to study Ukrainian and  Russian languages, the languages which were spoken by Shevchenko, Franko, Pushkin and Tolstoy, bring Your proficiency up to a level of perfection?

Or maybe, You need to speak these languages in order to make a business trip Ukraine or Russia or any other former member of the USSR, and so for this You need to be able to find your bearings in the linguistic environment of the country You’ll find yourself in? Maybe You’d like to make a web-site in Ukranian or Russian language etc.? We’re ready to help You with all that! Читати далі…